Recognising the effect of diet on mind and behaviour as well as on the growth of the body, we encourage only healthy vegetarian foods at school. Please do not bring in red or white meat, nuts, egg, mushroom, garlic, onion, sweets or dyed drinks.

⇒ Enjoy their meals and snacks, and the positive socialization associated with these routines

⇒ Experience healthy eating and the benefits of making good food choices

⇒ Learn the connection between nutrition and health, including drinking adequate quantities of fresh water

⇒ Experience meals from a broad range of cultures

⇒ Develop a positive relationship with and understand the value of food

⇒ Learn the role hygiene has at mealtimes.

Sunrise is a nut-free environment.

Examples of food suitable for lunch at Sunrise:

Nori rolls, rice dishes, noodles, salad rolls, sandwiches, burritos, fruit, vegetables, dried fruit, soups, pasta, pizzas, spinach triangles, yoghurt and muesli bars.

A cookbook complied by our families, full of our favourite recipes can be purchased from the office.