All lunches and food for Sunrise are required to follow a yoga vegetarian diet.

This diet excludes: meat, chicken, fish, eggs, onions, mushrooms, chives, leeks, garlic, shallots, gelatine, food additive 621 (MSG), lollies, chocolates, carbonated drinks, cordial, chewing gum and roll-ups. Foods containing animal products in the manufacturing process, such as animal fats in biscuits and gelatine in ice-creams and marshmallows, should also be excluded.

Sunrise is a nut-free environment.

Examples of food suitable for lunch at Sunrise:

Nori rolls, rice dishes, noodles, salad rolls, sandwiches, burritos, fruit, vegetables, dried fruit, soups, pasta, pizzas, spinach triangles, yoghurt and muesli bars.

A cookbook can be purchased from the office.