Neo-Humanistic Education

Neo-Humanism is newly-explained humanism.

“Humanism” and “humanity” have been very popular words for the last century, and only human beings have come within the scope of humanism and humanity. But this explanation is not sufficient. It cannot quench the thirst of the developing human society.

Why should the love and affection of developed human minds be restricted to human beings only? Why should it not include all living beings, including plant life? The educational philosophy of Sunrise Preschool recognises the importance of learning respect and love for all. It is called Neo-Humanism. Neo-Humanism expands the underlying spirit of humanism, which is love for fellow beings to encompass love of all the creation as well as a realisation of the interconnectedness of all aspects within it.

One of the goals of Sunrise Preschool is to develop this feeling of interconnectedness and to nurture a sentiment of love and respect for the environment and everything in it. This is accomplished through the application of the principles of Neo-Humanism in the classroom.