Teaching & Learning

Sunrise strives to promote the total growth and development of each child and endeavours to create a suitable environment for this purpose.

Daily Adventures

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As part of daily kindergarten programme, we go for daily adventures to our local parks & streets.  While there, we can play, have morning tea, running races, play with balls and other spontaneous activities suggested by children or educators.  Children become familiar with the community, safety, road rules, friendship and of course our local parks and gardens.

We generally leave Sunrise between 10.30-11am and come back between 12.30-12.45pm – however on hotter days, we leave straight after Morning Circle, to beat the heat.

Here is an outline of the Sunrise programme on a typical day:

8.00amFree play indoors/outdoors
Families and Staff discuss any daily concerns
9.15amMorning Circle
9.30-10.30amProgressive morning tea, children encouraged to help themselves
Children have kindergarten programme indoors/outdoors
10.20-10.45amGroup time, then educators and children prepare for park adventures/yoga
12.30/12.45-1.00pmReturn from park, then lunchtime
1.30-1.45pmIndoors/outdoors play
1.30/1.45-3.00pmSleep/quiet time and relaxation for those who do not sleep
3.15pmGroup time, then afternoon tea
3.30-6.00pmIndoors/outdoors play