Early Childhood Educators

A key goal of Sunrise is to develop a feeling of the interconnectedness of all things and to nurture an attitude of love and respect for the environment and everything in it. The elements of the programme are carefully planned to encourage children to deepen their concern for the welfare of others and to extend this to other forms of life, such as animals and plants. In this way they come to realise that all living beings are interrelated and that the welfare of others is inseparable from their own. Through the behaviour of teachers and implementation of the programme, the children learn to care for and nourish their environment and its inhabitants.

Sunrise staff members


Educator's NameRole at SunriseEmployed Since
Didi MadhuCo-ordinatorOctober 2009
Cathy Muraca CondelloOffice AdminMay 2006
Kindergarten Teachers
Enza GuerresiBachelor of Early EducationApril 2007
Fleur SquiresGraduate Diploma of Teaching in Early ChildhoodApril 2017
Carolyn LuntBachelor of Eduction in Early EducationAugust 2016
Sigrid MeierRoom Leader - Diploma of Children’s Services June 2009
Krishna PillaiBachelor of Eduction in Early ChildhoodMay 2016
Early Childhood Educators
Salima AliCo-Educator -Diploma of Early Childhood Eduction and Care
Andrew Cripps ClarkCo-Educator - Certificate III in Early Childhood Eduction and Care
Lucy KostosCo-Educator - Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and CareFebruary 2016
Karlene McDonaldCo-Educator - Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and CareNovember 2011
Seth SearleCo-Educator - Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and CareOctober 2009
Patrick Telfer Co-Educator - Certificate III in Early Childhood Eduction and Care


Didi NiruCo-ordinator
Carmel AssouniOffice Admin
Rebecca WisbyKinder Teacher
Zara ZielinskiKinder Teacher
Salima Ali-Raza
Fiona Corbart
Ragga Girgis
Rojina Sharma
Silvia Vela