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Sunrise is a preschool and long day care centre for children aged 3 to 5 years, located in Fitzroy North  and Thornbury(Opened May 2016). Sunrise has been in operation in Fitzroy North since 1993 and our programme is based on the NeoHumanist Educational Philosophy.

Sunrise is an educational project of the Ananda Marga. Ananda Marga – which means Path of Bliss – was founded in 1953 by PR Sarkar (1921–1990). Ananda Marga is a multifaceted philosophy reflective of the various aspects of human individual and social life. It is directed solely to the uplifting of humanity through meditation, yoga, education, relief work, welfare, the arts, ecology, intellectual renaissance, women’s emancipation and a humanistic economy.

Sunrise in Fitzroy North is managed by a Director, who is assisted by a Management Committee comprised of Ananda Marga volunteers and local supporters of the centre and its philosophy. The organisation Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha Ltd owns the premises.

For more information about Ananda Marga, see our Ananda Marga page or visit anandamarga.org.au.


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